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commission art, turtles all the way own, space, nebula, earth, moon, the earth rest atop the back of a giant turtle, perched upon another and another below that

"Absolutely wonderful painting!  I love it.  I showed it off to some people and everyone is very impressed with the way it turned out.  

Thank you very much again for taking the time to create this for me.  I have a nice little spot picked out on the wall for it to hang, and it fits that location perfectly.  It really adds some color to the room and stands out brilliantly."

It's Turtles, All The Way Down...

"An oceanic swirl of color that perfectly captures the essence of life in the sea. Eye contact with this turtle will entrance your whole being. Our entire family loves this painting. We bought this 28x22 canvas from Michelle, summer 2011, a few months after our daughter was born. It has been admired through many nursing nights & lullaby lyrics.

2 years flew by, our son arrived and we moved. We used the vibrant colors from this painting as inspiration for the new nursery. Between this calming turtle & a whispering fish tank, our nursery was Pacific coast perfect. We recently moved into a cozier house and this serene sea turtle now hangs prominently in our living room."

turtle, painting, oceanic swirl, pacific coast, ocean blue, cool turtle
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"Michelle Spragg’s Galaxia: Seeking Connection is an astonishing look at the starry skies above. These are hand-painted works. I am emphasizing that because at first glance some of them, especially Counting Stars, appear to be photographs. But, no, they’re not. As someone who is no stranger to painting the sky I was gobsmacked by the evident patience Ms. Spragg exercised in her execution of these works."
- The Revelstoke Current