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"All for One; One for All"

Alcohol inks, acrylics and resin

27" around  $2000

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Michelle Spragg Nebula Art Galactic Acrylic Painting of Sunset/Sunrise on the Coast of British Columbia, called Transitions, ocean, water, waves, changes, hope, healing, acceptance, surrender, peace, Love. you are loved. you are love. you can do anything. remember your highest self.  you can accomplish anything! you are one with nature. love is the way. you can make the world a better place. believe in yourself. i believe in you.
Michelle Spragg Nebula Art Acrylic Night Painting of the Horse Head Nebula, stars, awesome, stunning, determination, skill, mastery, confidence.  You can accomplish anything.  Believe in yourself.  Remember who you are. You are loved, you are love.

I do commissions...Anything you can imagine, I can create!

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